The Paterson Grain Elevator in Prelate, burned to the ground yesterday. Prelate is located approximately 12 kilometers east of Leader. 

The Paterson Grain Elevator in Prelate, has burned to the ground.

The Prelate Fire Department got a phone call somewhere around 5 AM in the morning, and were told that the grain elevator was on fire. Fire Department Chief Brad Goldade had approximately 100 people evacuate from their homes in the morning, due to the fire's proximity to a number of parked tanker rail cars. Firefighters went door to door, making sure everyone was out of their homes. Residents were allowed to return once the tanker cars were moved to a safe location.

Chief Goldade said they weren't sure what were in the tanker cars, and that it was better to be safe than sorry, provided it was something in the tanker cars that was highly flammable. 

The wind was blowing from the northwest, away from town. The firefighters did monitor the embers which were landing about 300 to 400 meters away from the town.