Written back in 2012, the Canadian Copyright Act, as many Canadians agree, needs to be updated.  

That’s just what MP of Cypress Hills-Grassland Jeremy Patzer, said is in the works with the new Unlocking Innovation Act (Bill C-294) in a release from last Friday.  

The bill’s objective is to redefine what interoperability means. Interoperability is the ability of different groups to operate together and share information on different projects. 

Patzer added, “That way, there's more certainty for innovators to make products that are going to be able to interoperate with other platforms.” 

The bill received support from multiple stakeholders and the industry at large. From the largest corporations to the smallest ‘mom-and-pop-shops,’ there’s widespread support for this kind of innovation. 

“It's a bill that unifies industry groups,” Patzer iterated. “When you look at a lot of these companies, they all support rural small town Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta.” 

C-294 is expected to help small town communities continue to not only survive but to thrive with these new rules and regulations. 

This update to Canadian copyright law will be presented in autumn and could come into effect as early as late winter 2022.