The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides (LFCDG) is looking for the support of Canadians on their latest fundraising campaign. "The Difference" is a $50 Million Fundraising Campaign to build a brand-new state-of-the-art training school. During a celebratory event, Pet Valu and their Companions for Change™ program were able to donate $500,000 to go towards The Puppy Training Room.  

"Since the Dog Guides training centre opened in Oakville 40 years ago, we have bred, raised, trained and matched more than 3,200 Dog Guides who have made a tremendous difference in the lives of Canadians with disabilities. We are extremely proud of the work we have accomplished but we are limited by the size and design of our current school," says Beverly Crandell, CEO of LFCDG. "Demand for our Dog Guides has increased significantly over the years, resulting in long waiting lists. A new, larger, fully accessible training school will enable us to accommodate more applicants and train and match more Dog Guides." 

With this new facility they will have classrooms and training rooms for each of the seven Dog Guide programs. Plus 35 fully accessible guest bedrooms with improved indoor and outdoor spaces. This will give recipients a place to learn, play and relax which will set them up for even greater training success. There will also be a comfortable area for foster families to complete paperwork and say goodbye to their puppies who are recalled to begin formal training. With plans and permits approved, the site is being prepared to start construction. The new training facility will be only seven kilometers from the existing school and will open in 2026.