We've started to feel that heat pouring into the prairies. It can be a struggle for us to stay cool in this weather and our four legged furry friends as well.

Dr. Charlotte Williams with Hooves and Paws Vet Clinic says "When people are uncomfortable outside, their pet is too"  Dr. Williams gave us some important tips to help keep our best friends and companions healthy and happy during the summer.

Travelling with your pet:

When travelling with your pet ensure during stops along the way that your animal is not left in the vehicle. Heat climbs quickly inside a vehicle and can be 30 degrees hotter inside than outside, even with the windows cracked.  While dangerous for all animals it is especially dangerous for animals with shorter snouts such as cats and pugs, bulldogs ect as they have a more difficult time regulating temperature. Dr. Williams recommends to leave your pet behind if you can with a trusted sitter or kennel to avoid any issues.

Dog seatbelt.jpg Unbuckling your pup and leaving them at home is the right decision in extreme heat - Photo credit Carla Collette

Leaving your pet outside:

Ensure they have access to lots of shade and water so they can protect themselves from the heat and stay hydrated. For dogs a paddling pool can offer a cool down and extra water.  Pets like us can easily end up dehydrated and suffer from heat exhaustion. Its bed to exercise and play with them during the cooler parts of the day.

Dr. William also mentions that usually at this time of year we see the tick population start declining. Due to our wet weather the tick risk is still quite high in this area. You should monitor right into August this year. Talk to your veterinarian about tick prevention for your animals.