Via Demonda Evanisky

This past weekend, the Random Acts of Kindness Club held their first ever Youth Kindness Conference at St Gabriel School in Biggar.

The conference opened with coming up with slogans for the conference's theme - Building Tools for Tomorrow.

Then Carmen Ledding from Canadian Mental Health took the stage. After supper, there was concert from Jarrid Lee. The next morning the group went for a walk to the church who had agreed to make breakfast for them.

The 9:00 am session started with Taylor Chetty, Parkour and Art. Then were joined by DJay McGrath, Landan Waite, Janice Archdekin, and Graham Lehnert. To finish off the day there were raffle draws and then Kaleb Dahlgren shared his story.

The youth had so much fun and are asking for another conference. At 7:00 pm Kaleb Dahlgren did a presentation to another audience at the Biggar Town Hall.