Tomorrow morning at 11:00 am, the Kindersley Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Q&A session with Brian Zinchuk, editor and owner of the energy news publication Pipeline Online. The event is being held as usual at the Kindersley Museum, as the local Chamber is looking forward to giving as many oil companies in the area as possible a chance to speak with Zinchuk in this capacity.

He will do his best to answer any and all questions pertaining to the oil industry and the future, as we got in contact with Executive Director of the Kindersley Chamber of Commerce Kevin Martin to learn more.

(Zinchuk) is up in Lloydminster, and coming back through Kindersley. He's going to give us a Q&A and his insights into the oil and gas industry," explained Martin. The Chamber is excited to present this opportunity, "It kind of came up quickly. We didn't realize he was heading up to Lloydminster, but it worked out well."

The two have connected for a previous chat, and Martin was eager to offer Zinchuk this opportunity to come give a presentation in front of oil companies and others from around the area to let them know what's going on in the business. Martin is doing his part to get the word out, busy sending off emails, and even speaking face to face with as many people who may be interested as possible.

Martin is hoping to see a good crowd for the experienced speaker.

"I think even for people who are not involved in the oil and gas industry directly, I think they will still find his talk quite accurate. We had a zoom meeting with him earlier this year and I thought, you know this guy knows his stuff," he said, referencing Zinchuk's experience in the industry as a former operator, "He knows what's going on out there. He's wanting to be the most dedicated publication serving the oil and gas industry, and he's writing new articles pretty much daily. It's good that he's doing what he's doing."

Zinchuk began working in the industry first as an excavator oiler, before his time as an operator, and now he now currently holds a level 2 apprenticeship as an excavator operator. Martin is excited to be bringing in someone with so much experience to share, so interested residents can have more confidence in forming their own opinions.

"I always feel it's better to be informed so you can make better decisions."

Anyone interested in attending this event can register by contacting the Kindersley Chamber of Commerce at 306-463-2320.