A special ceremony took place on June 11 at the Elrose Town Office. Jim Mills, a longtime resident and former mayor of the community, had a plaque made in his honour. Mills passed away in 2018, and started as a Town Councilor from 1959-1963 before becoming mayor of the Town of Elrose for an amazing four decades. Current Elrose mayor Dane MacDonald was at the unveiling and said the plaque was talked about by Town Council, and they felt it was a fitting tribute to the former mayor. 

“The council as a whole kind of decided the dedication that Jim had shown to our community over the years really deserved to be recognized. We got that plaque designed and made and we've affixed it to the building and it'll be there for generations to come, it's a good tribute to Jim.” 

As for other Elrose news, the Elrose Brick School Preservation Meeting was held last week, with another one to follow right away. It will be decided what the Town will do with the old building moving forward.  

View some photos from the ceremony below.