Started back in 1950, 'TelCare' has been a way for SaskTel employees to give back to their communities.

One of the West Central beneficiary's over the years has been Prairie Branches Enterprises Inc., and this year they were again included as part of the charitable organizations selected to receive support through their local TelCare membership.

Executive Director of Prairie Branches Eunice Washkowsky talked about how the program works and how they have benefitted throughout the years.

"It's an employee driven program," started Washkowsky, "The employees donate a small amount of money every month to this program, and every year they have a pool of money and decide who's proposals they want to go with."

Organizations like Prairie Branches tend to rely on many different support programs, and TelCare is one that has provided roughly $12,000 over the last 6 years.

"It's pretty significant actually."

Washkowsky shared that in the past the funding has been used towards vehicles, other programming supplies and equipment, and also outdoor furnishings for all of their locations.

This year their wish was for money towards a lift for their clients in wheelchairs, and the nice sum of money coming in will help out so much more than people think. Getting $1500 earmarked towards a specific item can really help when planning down the road for Prairie Branches.

"To have the extra money on the side to just go ahead and purchase things we need, when we need them, is really important."

Take a look through the Prairie Branches Facebook page below to see just what they have been up to the first few weeks into 2023.