As warmer weather takes hold, outdoor activity is increasing for humans and their pets.

With that comes the potential for animal bites

Doctor David Torr, Saskatchewan Health Authority Medical Health Officer, and Area Department Lead, Public Health and Preventative Medicine said, "We're hearing so many incidences of animal bites. People are getting bitten by domestic animals, whether it's the excitement of coming out of COVID times when everybody was locked up, when there wasn't too many people, and now, people are visiting and all that."

Startling dogs or teasing animals should be avoided and always be cautious around strange dogs, even if they are on a leash.

Animals in the wild should be avoided as well. People that encounter animals in the wild should always respect the fact that they may be protective and aggressive if they feel startled or threatened.

Doctor Torr adds that if you are bitten, wash and clean the area thoroughly and seek medical attention right away.