Anyone looking for that one last summer road-trip should be ready for a high gas bill. 

That's nothing new for people who hit the roads everyday. Week-over-week change across the whole Kindersley region shows an average retail price of 157.9 as we sit in mid-September.

That total puts the Kindersley area at #35 when it comes to the least expensive gas stations in Saskatchewan. That same source shows that prices have raised 2 cents since last year for the around $1.57/L figure.

According to the data from Friday morning, Kindersley is reporting $1.57/L for most stations, Rosetown is near $1.55/L, and then in Kerrobert the price is all the way up around $1.61/L. Data wasn't available for stations in Unity, Macklin, and down by Leader.

Relief is being seen in some areas. The cheapest gas in Saskatchewan Friday morning was in Lloydminster at about $1.42/L. Saskatoon and Regina have a few locations under $1.50/L.

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