It's Telemiracle Week, with the 47th edition of the telethon taking place at Prairieland Park coming up this weekend.

Local Kinsmen, Kinettes and Kin Clubs of Saskatchewan are fairly busy this time of year in preparation. The Kin Club of Unity is one of them, as they have been getting in the Telemiracle spirit for a few weeks now with their events "rocKIN it live with QDM" and also a special "Kin Night of Kindness".

The first outing saw everyone's favourite Saskatchewan comedian Quick Dick McDick. President of the local club Nora Aldred said the show was well received. Telemiracle is something near and dear to QDM's heart, and he stayed on the stage as long as he could at the Unity Kin Club's Telemiracle Fundraiser held back on February 10th.

"That went over amazing, and once he found it was for Telemiracle, because he is with Telemiracle he ended up going twice as long," said Aldred.

Kin Club of Unity.jpg Photo via Kin Club of Unity/Morag Riddell

One of our favourite contacts, West Central Online also caught up with QuickDick himself to talk about the night.

"Telemiracle is just close to my heart because we grew up with it in Saskatchewan," said the viral farmer, "Hats off to the Kinsmen and Kinettes in Unity. They did a great show with huge attendance. They just did a great job of decorating the hall and everything, and it was a great crowd ready to have some fun."

He says when doing it for Telemiracle, why stop? The entire night of fun wasn't focused on QuickDick entirely. There were heads being shaved and more all for a good cause as the longtime supporter of Telemiracle had even more to say about all the work that goes into these fundraiser events.

"They raised a ton of dough. I don't think people realize how much work the volunteers put into stuff like that," he said, "People think you just snap your fingers and things happen. None of it happens without a core group of volunteers, you know what I mean?"

QuickDick shared that he has a special video submitted for Telemiracle coming up this weekend. While he didn't give any specifics, he did tease that his long tour around Saskatchewan would be well documented as the people of Saskatchewan apparently can't get enough of his small-town comedy.

"I hope everybody can see the amount of time I put into this year's project. Lots of stops on the side of the road. Hopefully everyone can get a kick out of it."

KIN head shaved.jpg Thousands more dollars were raised on the night as a few willing participants offered up their hair for charity! (Photo via Kin Club of Unity/Morag Riddell)

The night of fun was certainly a good way to get the vibes high headed into Telemiracle 47.

The local club wanted to keep the goodwill momentum going by performing some random acts of kindness around town. Unity's Club President Aldred shared a bit more on last Friday as it all started with a donation earmarked to giving back to the community,

"A local resident had donated some money, and said, 'please keep it local'," shared Aldred, "We turned everything that they donated to us back into surprise kindness for some people. We hit the local coffee shop, bakery, movie theatre, and then thanked the two grocery stores for all they do for us."

Countless Unity residents were treated to something free that day whether it was a donut, or admission to a movie.

"They were shocked, like, "I don't have to pay for this? What's the catch? It just makes you feel good knowing that you are making someone's day or surprising them or something like that."

Aldred will look to carry Unity's Telemiracle vibes into the big show Sunday, as she was chosen as the club's representative. Already planning to be there to help out with the show, she was more than willing to accept the offer.

"I didn't care whether I did it or not. I am up there working Telemiracle, and our club voted that seeing as I am up there and have two junior Kin helping out as well, which are my kids, that I should go on stage and present it."

Aldred was careful to estimate their final total with more donations still rolling in. Anyone can donate by e-transfer or an in-person donation at Aldred's business What The Float in Unity if they would like to be a part of the on-air presentation by Aldred during Saturday's early morning hours.

Learn more on how to contact the local Kin Club through their Facebook page.