A man who was killed during a home invasion and theft near Esterhazy was a 34 year old resident of the RM of Fertile Belt, according to the latest RCMP information. His name has not been released. 

A woman who was injured in the incident has been released from hospital.

A release from the Mounties explains why the emergency alert system was not employed during the incident following inquiries from the public about incident communications. 

RCMP explained the crime did not meet the conditions for issuing an alert. Three suspects remain at large. 

“The Saskatchewan RCMP’s decision to issue a civil emergency alert for a dangerous person is situationally based,” RCMP explained in the release. “Not every homicide or serious investigation will result in an emergency alert being issued. Specific criteria – like that for an AMBER Alert – are challenging to define, because every situation and investigation is unique and varies greatly. Generally speaking, investigators will consider if there is an imminent ability, intent and means for someone to cause serious/significant bodily harm or death to others.”

The release went on to say that police must also provide instructions for the public to follow, and that those discussions are fluid and ongoing as the incident unfolds. Because specific information on the vehicle or descriptions of the suspects were not available, police were not able to give any specific directions other than to remain vigilant.

‘Police officers physically attended individual residences in the vicinity of this incident shortly after it occurred to confirm the wellbeing of others in the area and notify them about the incident,” the statement concluded. 

Sketches of the three suspects, who remain at large, are posted below, and RCMP asks for continued public cooperation with reporting any information on the incident to police by calling 310-RCMP, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477 or call 911 in an emergency.

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