Every year on the 11th day of the 11th month, there is a special day to remember and be grateful for the countless men and women who gave their lives for their nation and its people.

On Saturday November 11th, communities across West Central Saskatchewan held Remembrance Day services within their towns to honour the men and women who lost their lives.

The Rosetown Civic Centre held a ceremony in Rosetown beginning at 10:45am. Everyone was asked to be seated at 10:30am to be prepared for the event that began with a moment of silence. Following the moment of silence, the wreaths were presented by specific members in the community including Fire Chief Dennis Ogg, Jim Reiter - MLA for Rosetown-Elrose constituency, and Adam Krieser - Mayor of Rosetown, etc.

Dan Esau, Coach of the Poppy Campaign, discussed why Remembrance Day is so special in today's world.

"It's very humbling as we gather together. Sometimes in life you get very busy and forget what sacrifices are being offered, and today's that wonderful chance you can stop and remember."