After putting in new synthetic greens last year, the Bell Acres Golf & Country Club is nearing completion of another renovation to the public golf course. The course is now open to the public, and the Clubhouse is nearing completion, as Club Treasurer Ryley Magnus explains. 

“Renovations are going great. They started around the middle of March and we're adding on almost an extra 200 square feet or give or take a little bit, mostly on the take side to the existing clubhouse. What we're adding on there is a fully functional kitchen, bathroom and water storage and mechanical room. That'll give us the ability to have running water, both hot and cold out there,” Magnus said. 

The renovation is and was long overdue, as there wasn’t much out at the golf course in previous years. 

“At the clubhouse it was just an open space building with a bar, with no running water and only outdoor Porta potties, and no kitchen in there. So, this is really going to add a different level of service we're able to bring out to our patrons at the golf course,” Magnus added. 


This new project just brings another level of excitement to the Town of Luseland, after the completion of the greens last year, according to Magnus. 

“It's been a really exciting couple of years here at the golf course between synthetic greens last year and some minor reservations at the clubhouse now. So, it's been an exciting time at the golf course here in Luseland. It's given a much-needed facelift and much needed improvement to a well-used amenity here in town,” Magnus also said. 

This is not the only project the golf course has on its radar for the upcoming season. 

“We also have a company out of Kerrobert coming down here to put down some hydroseed grass around the synthetic greens to really tie them in. The ground got disturbed when we were doing the installation, which is normally what happens when you do that, so, there's a few feet around each synthetic green we want to get seeded to grass and get a really good seed put down. In the next couple weeks, we're also putting in an automated watering system here for already set up water sprinklers on the fairways and around the areas closer to the greens this way that we can better use our water. Instead of watering when there's people out there during the day in the heat of the day, we can set a program to say turn on the sprinklers and run them during the night to better use our water and then also we've got aerating unit here coming in that we've purchased so we'll be able to aerate on our own. We've been renting an aerator out of Saskatoon and it takes a lot of time to go to Saskatoon, pick up this aerator and drop back off after you're done, so having our own here we will be able to aerate twice a year very easily, so that's going to be our last goal projects we got on the go here for the year,” Magnus explained. 

The Bell Acres Golf & Country Club is always looking for ways to get people involved in the golf course, and Magnus talked about how you can do so. 

“We've got lots of different sponsorship opportunities out at Bell Acres. We've got the one product we have called the highway sign sponsor. That's when a sponsor signs up for a yearly commitment to sponsor the golf course and they get a 2 by 3-foot sign put up along the highway at the junction of Hwy 31 and 771. We also have sponsors for holes as well,” Magnus also said.