You may have heard about how the Riverhurst Ferry is no longer operating. While that is true, it's not the complete story.

The Riverhurst Ferry is the largest in the province and serves as a vital lifeline between the east and west shores of the South Saskatchewan River. With it being closed over the long weekend, and still being closed to this day, people are curious as to what is happening.

Steve Shaheen, senior communications consultant with the Ministry of Highways, supplied answers to the how and why the popular crossing has been put on hold.

"Over the years more and more sediment has collected along the shoreline," educated Shaheen. "That's essentially what's caused the ferry to be grounded."

High shorelines that occur naturally over time paired with low water levels have made it all but impossible to safely operate the ferry. Crews have unsuccessfully been trying to dredge the shoreline, to allow the ferry more space to operate. But that seems unlikely until the spring run-off from the snowpack arrives from Alberta.

"The Ministry of Highways is currently monitoring and will continue to monitor the water levels," assured Shaheen. "Once the tide is up, the ferry will be able to resume operation."

In the meantime, alternatives to the ferry are Highways 19 past Elbow, along with Highways 44 and 45 to get around the river.