The Thrive workshop was held yesterday afternoon at the Kindersley Composite School. Better Together mental health initiative and the Iron Horse Kindersley Klippers joined together for a full weekend of hockey and healing.

It started on Saturday night with the Klippers hosting the Flin Flon bombers. As luck would have it, Kindersley came out with a win. Adam Paplawski scored the go ahead goal in the third period on a breakaway. 

Kindersley Jr. Klippers won 3-2 over the Flin Flon Bombers at home.

Better Together: bringing positive energy to the SJHL Klippers. It seems to have paid off instantly. Its hardly fair to give an outside source the victory credit for this game. It's a team sport. At any rate, it is an interesting coincidence. 

The Klippers entire roster and support staff were ready to repay the favour the next day. By attending the Thrive workshop they completed the mental health part of the weekend. 

Rob Parkman took the stage and gave us some background on himself. He has overcome so many things in his life that he has decided to label himself as an overcomer. Here's a look at his road map hand out.

  1. Know the predictors.
  2. Know your triggers.
  3. Know the techniques.

If 'Thrive' is the destination, then 'put yourself on a good path' is the vehicle. Now you are on your way.

Parkman's messages rang true for all ages in the room. His visual aid was a shot at perfection. He brought up a junior hockey player. A fit, healthy, smart male in the prime physical years of life. He asked him to throw a ball at a target. From approximately 12 feet away, Liam Bell missed the target 3 times before hitting the bull's eye. 

It was a great analogy for the expectation that we put on ourselves. Perfection. Perfection on the first try. Perfection every time. It's the expectation that we will also put on co-workers, public service, or a spouse. It generally sets us up for disappointment, and makes us a target for resentment. It also shows that you need to keep trying. You will miss the mark, even if you are totally ready in every way. 

Although this article points to a directional map that leads to THRIVE (a full and happy life), the final portion of our workshop yesterday afternoon actually led to a novel. Like any good speaker, Parkman is able to draw out emotion and he got a good laugh when he ended the seminar with a shameless plug of REFUEL. The book's about renewing passion, identifying hazards, and protecting yourself against draining influences in your life. Yes, I am reading it.

Mr. Parkman is a leadership consultant and motivational speaker who has mobilized people in 16 countries. He talked about his connection to residential schools. His grandfather came from that abusive upbringing and he brought the pain and suffering home with him. The best news that you'll hear all day is that it looks like the cycle is broken. The bright light that Parkman shines on this world is a testament to the statement that a good thing can come from a dark place.