Farm equipment sales in the West Central region have been fairly similar from this year to the last. Daryl Davis with All West Sales said things overall went well and continue to this year. 

“We're doing pretty good actually. There's lots of optimism out there, and we got some inventory to sell. There are certain things that are a little harder to get, but we do have lots of different lines, so some lines have actually got good supply.” 

Davis then talked about sale prices in general. 

“They (the prices) did go up. They kind of went down a little on some of the grain sides and stuff, but then they kind of went back up again and they're livable prices. Some of the guys have some pretty good grain crops growing in certain areas. This area around here is a little bit dry, but there's guys phoning from all over. We've had guys coming even from Manitoba, who bought a tractor from us.”