The Sandhills Boxing Club out of Leader will return to normal practices next Tuesday (September 6). Ken Blohm with the Sandhills Boxing Club is excited for the season to begin.  

“Things are looking good; everything is ready to go. We start Tuesday, next week already. We are going to start working out again and start getting ready for the upcoming season.” 

Blohm also explained there are plenty of opportunities for kids aged 16 to 18 this year. 

“I’m very excited for the season coming up with the Canada Winter Games coming up in Prince Edward Island. There are all kinds of opportunities for the age group of 16,17 and 18 years of age this year because the travel coming up is going to be exciting.” 

The growing interest in joining the Sandhills Boxing Club has made Blohm expect a very busy year coming up. 

“From the number of phone calls that I've had that people are interested in coming to find out more about it to see what it's about, we expect a huge turnout here this next week. The first couple days are going to be very, very busy. You'd be surprised how many people are looking for something new and something exciting, but didn't really realize boxing was around and when they find out how cheap it is to actually get into it, it's almost like a dream come.” 

The success of the 2nd Annual South Saskatchewan Classic has made boxing a very popular option for those in the Leader area, and West Central Online will keep tabs with Ken Blohm and the Sandhills Boxing Club throughout the season.