The Sandhills Boxing Club out of Leader is continuing to see a large group of kids working out for the 2021 Fall Boxing season. Ken Blohm, who runs the boxing club, said there have been some new and old faces at the club.  

“We started off really great, lots of new faces and some from the previous year. This year we have a ton of kids that are ten and under, we’re up to about 30 kids that are working out on a pretty regular basis.” 

The adults had started off fairly well, but as the new COVID-19 vaccination policy came into effect for gyms on October 1, some adults have decided not to get their shot, and that has caused numbers to be lower than normal, according to Blohm. 

“As for the adults, we had a good handful, but a lot of them have chosen to not get the shot so, their season is over until the policies change, which unfortunately we know that these are policies that are keeping the gyms and everything to the vaccination, not restrictions. And as we know, restrictions can will be lifted eventually, but these policies are little more solid.” 

The boxing club still looking forward to planned meets in Regina. 

“We have a competition coming up in Regina in December. We're looking forward to that and a few of them that do want to compete. We're definitely gearing up and get them ready so that we can keep something normal going,” Blohm said.  

Blohm is also hopeful they can hold their Sandhills boxing event sometime after Christmas after a 2-year hiatus due to COVID.