The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities is holding its Mid-Term Convention this week in Regina. 

President Ray Orb says over the next two days delegates will be taking part in various breakout and networking sessions as well as learning opportunities.

"We're looking at issues like PDAP, Cybersecurity, Rural Crime is always an important topic, as well as Risk Management."

Delegates will also be dealing with a number of resolutions ranging from matters pertaining to SARM, to election issues and agriculture-related issues like insurance coverage for wildlife damage, and a call to bring back the coyote reduction program.

Orb says the Province did have a coyote control program a number of years ago.

"An RM  is asking, and actually a few RM's are asking for some kind of a program to be reinstated. I think you know certain parts of the province we still have a lot of issues with coyotes going after livestock."

SARM's MidTerm Convention continues Thursday with a continuation of the breakout sessions focusing on developing a respectful workplace, governing together, the environment, and engineering.

There will also be a panel discussion on Drought Proofing Saskatchewan and a presentation from the Saskatchewan Association of Nurse Practitioners focusing on Rural Health Care.