A recent survey from Statistics Canada has presented an update on the crime rate for every province in the country, and the results show crime levels have been declining. Although, some Canadians feel differently about the stats.

56% of Saskatchewan residents who participated in a poll related to the crime rate index in the province believe crime is trending upwards. Saskatchewanians had the highest percentage out of other participants in the poll with Alberta scoring the second highest at 49%.

The Statistics Canada survey shows there has been a decline in crime severity with all the provinces, including Saskatchewan, starting in 2004 until 2014.


Saskatchewan leads all provinces with crime severity index. Yet, all crime rate levels within Canada have declined over the last decade. Photo courtesy of Statistics Canada.


StatsCan creates a crime severity index report, with the purpose of examining the numbers per capita. Although, the agency also considers the severity of the crimes being committed for the survey.

The poll concluded that Canadians who live in areas where crime is high tend to think it is flowing to higher levels as well.