Written by Glenda-Lee Vossler

The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission passed a couple of key resolutions at their Annual General Meeting on Monday.

The first resolution suggests the Board look into the possibility of amalgamating with the Saskatchewan Winter Cereals Development Commission.

Sask Wheat Chair Brett Halstead says there has been some informal discussions taking place.

"In order to make it formal and begin any sort of discussion the process is to get approval from our membership as well as they'll need it from their membership on Wednesday."

Winter Cereal Chair John Burns feels it will be a better utilization of producer check-off dollars and will be discussed during their AGM on Wednesday.

A second resolution focused on grain contracts and came out as a result of the drought last year and the costs producers had to pay associated with those contracts.

Vanscoy area farmer Glenn Wright, put forward the resolution calling on the group to lobby the government to protect producers with fair contract terms.

"We've tried in the past to push for these standard terms in grain contracts. But given this widespread drought, I think there's an opportunity here to continue to pressure our government right now. Sometimes you have to be at the right place, at the right time, and that time is now. So the basic protection we're seeking here is to provide producers with the right to roll over delivery contract shortfalls to the next year, or to terminate the contract shortage without an administration fee when there's evidence of a weather related crop failure."

Halstead says the two resolutions will now move to the Board table for discussion.