Saskatchewan has over 800 municipally designated heritage properties, leaving it a shocking statistic that fewer than 50 per cent of the province's municipalities have designated a heritage property.

As a result of those numbers they are looking for more additions to that list through the provinces '125 for 125 campaign'. Their hope is that advertising the plans now will result in 125 newly added properties before Saskatchewan's 125th anniversary in 2030. 

Property applications must meet the following criteria:

  • Is it associated with important people or events in the community's history;
  • Does it represent an important theme in the community's social, political, economic, or industrial past;
  • Was it an important community gathering place;
  • Is it important for architectural or aesthetic reasons; and  
  • Does its age or rarity contribute to its heritage value.

Three of existing sites in the Alsask Radar Dome, Elrose Brick School, and Kindersley Post Office have all recently been part of our local news. Those are three of nearly 50 sites around west-central Saskatchewan.

Some other local examples include

Click here for a link to the complete map of municipally designated heritage property around Saskatchewan. Learn how to submit an application here.

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