Farmers and researchers are busy preparing for spring seeding.

This year, 43 plot trials will  be going in around the province under the ADOPT program.

Earlier this month, the Federal and Provincial Government announced more than $885 thousand dollars for the research programs.

Agriculture Minister David Marit says the ADOPT program plays an important role..

"It just allows the opportunity for producer groups, and First Nation communities to demonstrate and evaluate new agriculture practices and technologies at a local level."

He says under this program you see the plots throughout the province and different demonstrations.

"Really what it is, you know, is a fund that we have along with the Federal Government through CAP that allows these groups and communities to make application say, look, we want to do research, on this certain thing. Whether it's in a crop or whether it's in livestock, but also in different parts of the province too. So that's kind of really what makes it exciting. And they can show this research and the effects of it through the plots. Show it to obviously the farmers and ranchers out there, so that they have an opportunity if they like it, they can adopt these practices. That's why the program is called ADOPT."

Marit says these projects directly support producers and include managing drought risk, forage stand rejuvenation and other valuable practices that will potentially make the work our producers do just a little bit easier.

"We're seeing a lot of new research. Obviously it's fertilizer applications, different rates, different types, different times of the growing season for the plants, and the impact it has on it. Different types of forage, and how the animals react to the different types of forage and things like that."