What are the people of Saskatchewan doing for fun this summer?

Residents of Saskatchewan love to get away in the summertime.

A new survey finds more than half are travelling.

Who’s going where?

An estimated 690,000 Saskatchewan residents (61%) will hit the road this summer, and 81% will do most of their travelling right here Canada. Roughly 150,000 Saskatchewan residents (22% of those travelling) will spend time in the U-S and about 100,000 (15% of travelers) are planning a trip to Europe. The favourite European destination for Saskatchewan residents is France, followed by the UK and Italy.

Packing technology

If you’re planning to travel this summer, you’ll likely be carrying a smart phone. An incredible 97% of Sask travelers said they’d have a smartphone with them. Less than half - 45% of those surveyed - said they’ll use their smartphones on the road as often as they do at home, mainly to avoid roaming charges.

Roam V. Underwear

How much do we love our smartphones? Over 60% of Saskatchewan travelers in the Rogers survey would rather forget to pack underwear than forget their smartphones (55% across Cda). 25% would rather catch a cold, 13% would rather lose their credit cards and 16% of those surveyed would rather have the airline lose their luggage.

How do travelers use their devices while travelling?

The survey is telling us 84% of Saskatchewan travellers rely on their devices to stay in touch with family and friends, 81% use them to shoot photos or videos, while almost 60% use them to search the web. Close to half use GPS or maps, and 43% will be on social media.

Who do you travel with?

More than half of Saskatchewan travelers who were surveyed will be going with a partner, while just under 40% will be with the family. 28% were planning to go alone.