One of the province's first wind farms to be constructed will be fizzling out shortly.

Gull Lake's Sunbridge Wind Power Facility began supplying SaskPower with 11 megawatts in February 2002 but its days are just about numbered.

The power purchasing agreement between the Crown corporation, Suncor Energy, and Enbridge is set to expire in mid-2022.

"Once that expires, Suncor and Enbridge are going to decommission that facility and reclaim the land," SaskPower Spokesperson Joel Cherry said. "Sunbridge has served its purpose."

The facility creates around enough power for 5,000 homes but uses 17 turbines to do so.

"We had another wind facility come online recently near Riverhurst which is a 10-megawatt one but it's only three turbines," he said. "So that gives you an idea of how the technology and economics have changed in the last 20 years."

Southwestern Saskatchewan currently houses three of the oldest wind farms in the province; Centennial Wind Facility, Cypress Wind Power Facility, and Sunbridge Wind Power Facility.