For west central Saskatchewan we have seen ample rainfall so fire is the last thing on our mind. But as the sky fills with smoke people are wondering why its an issue this year.

Parts of NE British Columbia and northern Alberta have a number of out of control wildfires happening. The heat warnings are in place across Alberta and Saskatchewan that are contributing to the smoke. When temperatures climb these fires often generate a lot of extra smoke. We are seeing north westerly winds that have drawn that smoke down into Saskatchewan.

Smoke combined with heat can cause problems especially for those with asthma and other conditions. While its expected we will see some clearing soon the smoke haze could end up being an issue on and off this summer.  Kyle Brittain, former wildland firefighter and severe weather journalist says "Once we get a more westerly surface flow it will blow the smoke out of the region" 

Smoke should clear some over the weekend with the front moving through and a shift in wind direction