Harvest is starting to wind down in the Province.

Crops Extension Specialist Matt Struthers says provincially 81 per cent of the crop is in, up from 73 per cent last week.

"The southwest is ahead of the pack as they've been all harvest season long. Ninety-eight per cent of the crop is now in the bin for the southwest, the west central is 97 per cent, the southeast 74, the northwest 70, the northeast 69 and the east central 65 per cent complete."

This weeks crop report shows the lentils and field pea harvest is virtually complete. Ninety-six per cent of the durum is in, 94 per cent of chickpeas, 86 per cent of barley, 83 per cent of spring wheat and 66 per cent of canola is done, with an additional 26 per cent of canola ready to be swathed or straight-cut.

As the harvest starts to wrap up many producers are now focusing on other fall work such as post-harvest weed control, rock picking, harrowing and moving cattle.

Rain was reported last week in northeast and southeast areas of the province.

Struthers says other areas of the province especially on the western side remain dry and have seen a further decline in topsoil moisture and water availability for livestock. 

"Many producers are reporting the situation is getting worse each week that they don't receive rain, and many have been hauling water all season long. Some are starting to bring cattle home, just due to the unsafe water that they have on their pastures. Some are even drilling new wells to find new water sources to replace those that have become unsafe or toxic for livestock to consume."

According to the report wind, waterfowl and wildlife remain the top three factors being reported when it comes to crop damage. 

The wind continues to impact unharvested crops by blowing swaths around, shelling out crops and causing lodging.

Struthers notes frost would be helpful for producers that are still dealing with green stems as it will off that green growth and reduce the need for herbicide applications.

You can view Saskatchewan's Full Crop Report here.