The soon to be closed out month of May was recognized by CAA Saskatchewan as School Safety Patrol month. 

Vanora Gagnier, Senior Communications Specialist with CAA Saskatchewan detailed the importance of the event. 

"So we want to recognize and thank our 4000 patrollers for their valuable volunteer work and dedication in promoting safe school zones. What we do is we commend them for all their hard work during the summer, winter, and cold months going outside and helping their schoolmates cross streets."

CAA Saskatchewan has owned and managed the CAA School Safety Patrol program since 1951

Gagnier provides details on how the campaign has changed due to the pandemic. 

"This month we're doing it a little bit different than we have previously done in the past due to the pandemic. We are providing all schools with a small honorarium to celebrate in their school community with their patrollers one way or another. So an afternoon pizza party or an afternoon movie or some activity with the school and community."

Gagnier adds that becoming a school safety patroller is a great way to engage young people in the community for safety and there is no cost to be involved with the program as all materials are free of charge. 

Those interested in becoming involved with the program can do so by reaching out to CAA and working with local law enforcement for training with patrollers and school coordinators. 

More details on the program can be found here