In their latest report, the Kindersley RCMP gave some reminders for drivers with school zones set to return to full activity following the long weekend.

If you are behind the wheel it's important to always know the posted school zone speed limits, not just during the school year. They could vary from community to community, but the general rule of reducing your speed around children could be all it takes to avoid a serious accident.

Failure to slow down could result in the usual hefty fine for speeding along with three license demerits.  

"(Speed) and you’ll be putting students’ lives at risk. Let’s work together to keep kids safe!" shared Staff Sergeant Kevin Peterson in the most recent release.

Another common problem this time of year is a lack of awareness around school buses.

"Did You Know: Motorists must come to a complete stop and wait behind a school bus when it is stopped and its red lights are flashing." Peterson shared in the detachment's final report of August. "Drivers may proceed only when the safety lights and stop arm of the bus have been disengaged."

The local detachment increased their school zone surveillance at the end of last school year to make sure no bad-driving habits would carry into the summer, and communities can once again expect increased patrols next week once school officially starts for the year.

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