Classes won't be the only thing back in session this September. 

The Kerrobert Courtroom will be back doing their shows starting September 4th showcasing a Saskatchewan Artist, however they won't be holding receptions open for the public. Instead they will be live streaming the event on Facebook. The public will be able to view the artwork as usual, however smaller groups will be permitted in the gallery at a time.

Showcasing their talents this month, will be Olivia Maney of Naicam, SK, with her piece "Sea to Sky." 

Maney is a visual artist living and working in the Northeast Region of Saskatchewan, Canada. She grew up on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, where her first real introduction and teaching in the arts. From her late teens to early twenties she spent time in the BC interior and Alberta before moving permanently to Saskatchewan in late 2001. While initially planning on pursuing a career as an artist, Maney put that path on hold for a time, while concentrating on raising a family, but began transitioning back to art full time in 2017.

Jackie McNichol of the Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery, said they will live streaming on Facebook starting on September 4, and it will be a new experience for the Courtroom Gallery.

"This is new to us, we are going to give it a try, because we cannot have a opening reception gathering. We are going to meet her (Maney) at the gallery, and we always have two people from our gallery committee help the artist hang the art in our gallery," McNichol said.

McNichol also said the committee gets to know the artist, and the art being displayed.

"During that process we talk to them, and get to know them, get to know about the art, so I am going to video a little bit of that, and put it on our Facebook page," McNichol added.

The gallery goes to the last week of October, and the Gallery is hopeful in getting their next set of artists.

"We had agreed upon a show with another group way before COVID happened, and we are re contacting them to make sure they are okay with coming and doing their show," McNichol said.

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