Our break from the typical January weather we’re used to will soon be over. The above seasonal temperatures which have been present majority of this month will move out, making way for more January-like weather. 

A system will move into the area beginning tonight and bring with it a mixture of moisture and wind. Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang explains how the system will play out. 

“We do have a complicated weather system moving through overnight tonight and into tomorrow. It's what we call Mackenzie Screamer, meaning it's forming in the Mackenzie Valley and sliding down on the jet stream. Associated with that, we're probably going to see some rain to start with, maybe even some snow and getting into some quite mild temperatures for this time of year. However, behind this weather system, we're going to see some colder air start to move in, and we're going to see the temperatures plunge.” 

Wind gusts up to 80km/hr are expected to be present during the Mackenzie Screamer. As the weekend begins, more seasonal temperatures will settle in for the remainder of the month. A bonus to the colder weather is the sun will be present, something we haven’t seen much in January. 

Remember, with inclement weather in the forecast it’s a good reminder to view the Highway Hotline (gov.sk.ca) if you plan on travelling.