Written by Devin Brown

Seeding has begun in West Central Saskatchewan. Kindersley area farmer Richard Schmalzbauer says that he started yesterday. He added that this area has some unique challenges 

“Yeah, there’s definitely some oil wells to go around.” 

His 84 ft air-seeder will cover 45 acres per hour. It’ll still take his family farming operation 3-4 weeks to finish. He does have one guy helping and wanted to give a shout out to farm hand Dylan Forest. He mentioned that Dylan’s interest in the Ag Industry helps keep the wheels turning safely and efficiently.  

Richard was just getting to the field and happened to have his wife Marianna, and son Leo with him. He said that it takes a lot more than just an air-seeder to plant the crops.  “Water semi and sprayer. It seems like a guys got to have a rock picker running as well. And then a land roller for the pulses too.”  

It just makes for an exciting time of year. “Yes, definitely excited to try new equipment, and some new land to farm as well.  It’s in a different area, so it'll be kind of neat to try it out.” 

He has a message for fellow farmers and neighbors “Hopefully everyone has a good go of it and goes home safe at the end of the day!”  

The weather is going to give us about 24 hours to get outdoor work done. There’s light rain in the forecast for the end of this week and into the weekend.