Producers in west-central Saskatchewan have 54 per cent of their crop in the ground and are ahead of the five-year average of 50. Producers are aware of fire bans in the area as they progress in seeding. A lack of spring precipitation has allowed producers to be very efficient with their seeding operations.

Field peas and lentils are the most seeded with 78 per cent and 74 per cent respectively. Seventy per cent of the mustard is in the ground for the year. Barley is 55 per cent, spring wheat is 54 per cent and canola is 36 per cent seeded. Chickpeas have the least number of acres seeded, with only 1 per cent in the ground.

There was no significant rain this past week in the region. Marengo received 22 mm of rain this week, while Eston received two mm. Many areas received only trace amounts of rain this week.

Cropland topsoil moisture is currently rated at 43 per cent adequate, 50 per cent short and Hay and pastureland topsoil moisture is rated as 23 per cent adequate, 59 per cent short and 18 per cent very short.

Producers are busy seeding, moving cattle to pasture and controlling gophers. Producers are watching their crops emerge and their pastures green up. Many are watching the weather forecast in the hopes of rain to keep growing conditions adequate and replenish limited moisture.