The Town of Leader has issued level two water restrictions. 

Level two restrictions mean all outdoor water use is prohibited, with anyone caught disobeying set to be issued a $2,500 fine. 

Exceptions include hand watering of flowerbeds and gardens. Hand watering includes both hand cans and hoses with a trigger-activated nozzle that can be shut off when not in use. 

The Town of Leader may approve requests for specific conditions and site uses, like those in industrial uses. Metered watering of production, and new plant material, such as trees, are included in the official examples. 

Bulk sales of water are suspended, unless it is for a residence or approved by Leader town council. Residential bulk is limited to 3,000 gallons for each water account within 30 days. 

The Town is implementing these measures to ensure adequate water levels for fire suppression, and to ensure water for the town. 

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