Last month saw 451 drivers ticketed for failing to stop or yield according to SGI. 

May’s traffic safety spot may have been being alert regarding the right of way and paying attention to traffic control devices, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as important this month.  

If you are caught for failing to come to a stop at a red light or stop sign, or failing to yield to a pedestrian at a yield sign, or in an uncontrolled intersection you will face a $230 ticket and four demerits. 

In SGI’s release it went over the other results for the traffic safety spotlight: 

  • 459 impaired driving offences, including 298 suspensions for exceeding provincial limits and 161 Criminal Code charges 

  • 353 tickets for seatbelt and car seat offences; 

  • 604 tickets for distracted driving, including 505 for using a cellphone while driving; and 

  • 4,155 tickets for speeding and aggressive driving offences. 

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