SGI issued a news release Wednesday on how they plan to help Ukrainians as they make a new home for themselves in Saskatchewan.  Effective immediately, any Ukrainian Category B driver's license can be exchanged for a Saskatchewan Class 5 driver's license with proof of identification, Saskatchewan residency, and entitlement to be in Canada.  

Tyler McMurchy, Spokesperson at SGI, explained why they decided to make the change.

"Is we recognize that people who are being displaced by the war in Ukraine are going to be facing some challenges as they relocate to Canada and to Saskatchewan, and this is one thing we can do at SGI to make the transition to their new life a little bit easier."  

SGI has reciprocity agreements with 16 other countries, and normally would require a driver's abstract/driving record within 30 days prior of application in this agreement.  However, due to the circumstances in Ukraine, SGI is aware that this may not be feasible for most Ukrainians re-locating, and have decided this will not be a requirement for anyone coming to Saskatchewan from Ukraine.  This policy will not apply to motorcycles or commercial vehicles.

SGI saw an opportunity to make a difference when Manitoba Public Insurance shared what they were planning to do, along with an in-depth analysis of Ukrainian's driving education and testing, which happens to be far more extensive than Saskatchewan's.  

McMurchy says that while SGI isn't sure how many people might utilize this opportunity, they are prepared for it to be a substantial number.