Written by Gage Gosselin

Scott Livingstone has announced his departure as CEO of the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) effective immediately.

There was no indication as the nature of his departure.

The Board of Directors for the SHA stated in a release they are grateful for Livingstone's leadership during the creation of the SHA, and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Board stated in a release that as CEO, Livingstone showed a commitment to patient - and family-centred care, and provided stability during a time of change and significant pressures to the health system due to COVID.

Andrew Will has been selected by the Board to take over as Interim CEO.

Andrew Will was born and raised in Saskatchewan and has served in executive leadership positions for health regions in both Saskatchewan and Alberta, including Chief Executive Officer of four health regions, including as Acting CEO of the former Saskatoon Health Region. Will has served as a member of the Alberta Health Services executive team as Executive Vice President of Clinical Support Services. Before joining the SHA, Will also served as the Chief Executive Officer for 3sHealth. Will will move to the interim CEO position from his current role as the Vice President of Infrastructure, Information and Support for the SHA.

The Board states that it will release updates on the recruitment of a permanent CEO as soon as available. No operation or services have been affected during this time, and the Board says it is committed to ensuring the transition process ensures operational continuity and stability for Saskatchewan's health system.

Arlene Wiks, on the SHA Board of Directors, stated, “I am immensely appreciative of the hard work and sacrifice of our healthcare teams. Please know that we will continue to make every effort to support you through all the challenges that have come during the pandemic.”