The west part of Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park is pegged for some significant upgrades this summer.
A new service centre will be built this year in the Bison Hollow campground in the northwest part of the park. The facility will feature eight showers and eight washrooms and cost the province over $700,000.

"[With] camping becoming more popular there, a brand new service centre with showers and facilities will be constructed," said Byron Davis, the executive director of park planning and facility management with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport. "They will be available in the following camping season."

The second construction project for the provincial park running alongside  Lake Diefenbaker entails waterworks upgrades to the tune of $200,000. The work will be carried out this season and will be ready for camping next season in the northwest part of the park as well.

"Virtually replacing most of the [existing] system," he said. "We're looking at a possible connection to a water utility in the area that now feeds the other side of our park. It will be a welcomed addition over there to have a good reliable water supply."

New to the park this year is a service centre located in the Bearpaw campground and a new visitor reception centre and park office.