After a short reprieve from the weekend, another special air quality statement has been put on for the area.

Just before 4:00 AM on Wednesday morning, Environment Canada reported that widespread wildfire smoke was still affecting parts of southwestern Saskatchewan, causing elevated AQHI values and reduced visibilities in many areas.

The weather agency expects these conditions to continue today and tomorrow with a 'southerly flow' helping the smoke return to the region. Find the full weather statement here while it is still active.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang has been fielding calls about the smoke all summer.

People know by now the general risks associated with their health in these conditions, but with all of these prolonged stretches of weather, Lang wanted to share some insight into what exactly smoke does to the weather itself.

"It doesn't act like a cloud, so when the earth is re-radiating long wave radiation, it doesn't act like a cloud and kind of trap it." shared Lang who also said it doesn't seem to have an effect on overnight lows.

Things might not differ at night when smoke lingers, but it's a different story during the day.

"It does tend to suppress daytime temperatures, because it blocks the incoming short wave radiation from sun. It does tend to make our daytime highs cooler than they normally would be."

Things might feel cooler the next few days with the smoke and highs of only around 20 in the forecast. The temperature is expected to rise into the weekend, and you can find an extended forecast for the week here.