The Town of Kindersley is reminding residents that snow removal equipment is still out clearing streets. 

  • Philips Court 
  • Churchhill Place

Please avoid parking on those streets today, until the crews have been through.

Kindersley plows the snow into a berm in the center. Plowed berms may interfere with traffic, but it's part of the process. Eventually a snow blower will come along.

Also a friendly reminder to residents of all municipalities in the area. When removing snow from driveways and sidewalks, please place the snow on our own private property. Don't pile snow onto the streets or neighbour property.

Kindersley's Scheduled Snow Removal Plan 

Wednesday January 18th 

  • Stevenson Crescent
  • O'Connor Court

Thursday January 19th

  • West side of Kindersley, clearing avenues that may have been missed.