The province’s second public offering of Crown petroleum and natural gas rights of the fiscal year was held Tuesday. The results of the offering were made public Thursday morning. In all, there was $2,934,410 in revenue raised for the province. This was $2.4 million more than the offering in June of last year.  

There were 70 parcels posted, of which 53 received acceptable bids. The average bid was $463.43 hectare. 

Southeast Saskatchewan again made up the bulk of the revenue, with $2,645,873 raised over 38 parcels. The highest bid was $641,751 for a 387.681-hectare parcel northeast of Stoughton. There was also an exploration licence posted in the southeast that received a bid of $602,204. 

In the two offerings for this fiscal year, more than $22.2 million in revenue has been raised. This exceeds the $15 million raised for all of the last fiscal year.  

The next public offering is scheduled for August 9th, which will have 93 leases covering 8.702 hectares available.