The two largest wind farms in the province are now online in southwestern Saskatchewan.

SaskPower confirmed Assiniboia's Golden South Wind Facility and Herbert's Blue Hill Wind Facility were added to the power grid within the last few weeks generating a combined 375 megawatts.

Joel Cherry, a spokesperson for SaskPower, said there's a reason the southwest now houses the two most productive wind facilities in Saskatchewan. 
"Obviously that's a good area for high wind speeds if you live or travel in that part of the province," he said. "We get good wind production out of that area and we're pleased to add this generation to the grid."

The Golden South Wind Facility consists of 50 turbines that can create 200 megawatts, while the Blue Hill Wind Facility isn't far behind production-wise at 175 megawatts coming from 35 turbines.

"With wind power, it's an intermittent wind source," he said. "The amount of power they're generating depends on wind conditions."

SaskPower estimates the two facilities can generate enough power for 187,000 homes in Saskatchewan. And both will contribute to the provincial power grid for the next 25-years via purchasing power agreements between SaskPower, Potentia Renewable (Golden South Wind Facility), and Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. (Blue Hill Wind Facility).

The Crown corporation doesn't have any more power facilities in the works for the southwest, especially after the region recently added Chinook Power PlantRiverhurst Wind, and Highfield Solar Facility.

"Obviously it's been very busy for us the last couple of years," he said. "A lot of activity there... We're continuing to change the way we're generating power and there will be other opportunities in the future."