After a spirited run for the Outlook Sr. Ice Hawks all the way to a provincial championship in 2021-22, the team will be celebrating at the Jim Kook Rec Plex tonight, with a special ceremony prior to puck drop versus the Rosetown Redwings. Player-Manager Robert Solnicka, sat down with West Central Online and discussed the championship run.   

“Probably the thing I remember the most was how the team kind of rallied around each other. We obviously had our ups and downs to go to Wadena there and then we lost 1-0, then we came back and won after everything that happened. Then even the game against Kindersley where we were down 5-0, five minutes into the first, just to turn it around and actually win that game, that kind of changed the mood for everybody.” 

Solnicka then talked about the final game against Kindersley. 

“Our goalie (Brendan Plant) definitely had his ups and downs, all year, but that was definitely the best performance I've ever seen him play. He's been with us for a long time, to see him pull together for the one game that counted the most was probably another big part of what I remember.” 

The banner raising was originally scheduled for November 5, but due to inclement weather, it was changed to this evening, as Solnicka explains.  

“We had an original date of November 5th and obviously with that big snowstorm that came in, things got pushed around. So, we had to switch to an alternate date, and we had to settle on Wednesday. Just because we've got so much minor hockey in town, but everyone is still looking forward to it.” 

The banner raising will take place prior to tonight's SVHL game set for an 8:30 pm puck drop.