Southern Saskatchewan is bracing for a possible couple days of wild weather.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for the west central region and other parts of the province. According to the statement, residents can expect strong winds, rain, and eventually, snow.

For residents in west central Saskatchewan, they may see the largest snowfall accumulations too.

The weather agency believes nearly 10 centimetres will fall in this part of the province with decreasing amounts to the south and east.

The weather is thanks to a low pressure system approaching from the west. Strong northwest winds will develop this afternoon and continue this evening as the system moves through. Wind gusts are expected to range from 60-80 kilometres per hour throughout the day.

Is there any good news?

Well, meteorologists say the system should move out of the province by Thursday. Strong winds are expected for Thursday morning, but will begin to settle down in the afternoon.

Temperatures will be in the single digits over the next couple days with Saturday looking like the warmest day so far with a high of 14 degrees Celsius.

West central communities under Environment Canada's special weather statement include:

  • R.M. of Antelope Park including Loverna and Hoosier
  • R.M. of Biggar including Biggar and Springwater
  • R.M. of Chesterfield including Eatonia and Mantario
  • R.M. of Eye Hill including Macklin Denzil and Evesham
  • R.M. of Grandview including Handel and Kelfield
  • R.M. of Grass Lake including Salvador and Reward
  • R.M. of Heart's Hill including Cactus Lake
  • R.M. of Kindersley including Kindersley Brock and Flaxcombe
  • R.M. of Mariposa including Tramping Lake and Broadacres
  • R.M. of Marriott south of Biggar
  • R.M. of Milton including Alsask and Marengo
  • R.M. of Monet including Elrose Wartime and Forgan
  • R.M. of Mountain View including Herschel and Stranraer
  • R.M. of Newcombe including Glidden and Madison
  • R.M. of Oakdale including Coleville
  • R.M. of Pleasant Valley including McGee and Fiske
  • R.M. of Prairiedale including Major and Smiley
  • R.M. of Progress including Kerrobert and Luseland
  • R.M. of Reford including Landis and Leipzig
  • R.M. of Rosemount including Cando and Traynor
  • R.M. of Snipe Lake including Eston and Plato
  • R.M. of St Andrews including Rosetown and Zealandia
  • R.M. of Tramping Lake including Scott and Revenue
  • R.M. of Winslow including Dodsland and Plenty

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