Stewart E. St John

August 10, 1931 – June 25, 2014


Dad was known as an Estonite, a Farmer, a Curler, but more importantly by me as my DAD.


Ten years have passed since we lost your presence on Earth.

There are so many things I miss of you and memories I hold dear – working with you on the farm but always stopping for coffee at the Cozy Corner, going for coffee at the rink, or your faithful visits to my workplace to catch me for coffee or a meal at A & W, Humptys, McDonalds, or our house.

You always had stories but always listened too! In retrospect, taking time for ‘coffee’ is a connection we need in life.

More memories of golden harvests while driving farm truck for you, crop checking with an ice cream cone, supporting local hockey, baseball, and the community in general, but more importantly, no matter what, you always had my back.

I know you had many friends locally and Canada wide. You always took time for a visit. I think that’s what I miss the most dad; having coffee with you just to talk and connect. Thanks for all you did for me to help me be successful to live my best life.


Alexis (St. John) Antony