A new selection of art is on display on the Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery, and it features the talents of Kindersley artist Anna Polsfut. She explains just some of the art featured. 

“My display ranges from art projects that I've done from 2015 all the way to present. I've got release prints, silkscreen prints, photography and drawing and a couple of paintings that are up in the gallery right now.” 

Polsfut explains how long her artwork will tentatively be on display. 

“My artwork is up from November 3 until the end of December and could potentially be up into the middle of January. Depending on how Christmas plans and that kind of thing goes, so there's lots of time to go and see it.” 

This Christmas plans include the Festival of Trees and Christmas party at the Kerrobert Courthouse, which Polsfut’s art will be up throughout.  

“People can also go to the Festival of Trees which will be held in the gallery and that starts on December 1st at 3:00 PM. They also do hot dogs for the kids, a bonfire, sleigh rides and they illuminate the courtyard, so it'll be a whole kind of night of it. And then they also have a dance there and the supper on the 2nd of December, so people can go and check that out and my artwork will be up in the background while the festivities are going on,” Polsfut added. 

Her opening reception was postponed due to weather back on November 5, and she hopes one can be held very soon.

"I'm not sure when my date will be yet. I'm thinking either mid-December or early January is when I will set something up and go from there. I'd love for it to be a Saturday afternoon, where everybody can take a leisurely drive out to Kerrobert and check it out. Then maybe meet up for some tea or something afterwards."

The Courtroom Gallery is open five days a week on weekdays from 8:30 until noon, and then 1:00 until 4:30 pm with her artwork on display.