The Biggar RCMP dealt with all sorts of calls in their latest report.

A white and dark blue BMX was stolen from 4 Ave in Biggar, and police are looking for any information that will help get it back in the right hands. Unfortunately, it's not the first time that they are attempting reunite a bike with its rightful owner, and it probably won't be the last.

Overall, during the week members dealt with 34 occurrences, with notable traffic incidents seeing a motorist unhappy with a crew moving a house down Highway 14, a deer being struck on Highway 4 south, and a report of an impaired driver who was found to be tired.

Race-car drivers on the highway also highlighted the week. Complaints of speed in the Springwater 60 km/h zone led to two motorists picking up tickets for exceeding the speed over 30 km/h, and 25 km/h over the maximum speed limit.

RCMP SUV left side.JPG

From the road to the railroad, a pair of CN Rail reports came in for the week. One train made an emergency stop at Kinley after a report of mischief that shared someone on the old bridge was blinding the crew with a flashlight. The other report that came in detailed people walking on the tracks along Airport Road in Biggar. 

Some rural road rage took over for a resident concerned about speed on the gravel road in the RM of Biggar. The RM also noted one report of a suspicious light grey truck going into yards. It's described as having black rims and a headache rack.

Another report from the country stood out with hunting season approaching, as a hunting camera was stolen. With little to go off for the investigation, both parties are asking if the subject in question could just return the camera undamaged.

More fraud calls were included closer to the tail end of the report. The four reports did not unveil any new tricks from fraudsters. 

Money almost changed hands in a different instance. Stolen recycling money almost made its way into the thief's pocket, but the 39-year-old subject of complaint was forced to pay back what he took thanks to strict orders from his father.

There were another two incidents reported where alcohol led to police getting involved, and finally police state that the week wouldn't have been complete without a dog complaint, barking somewhere around 8 Avenue West in Biggar.

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