It was a mix of good and bad news as local RCMP found a truck reported stolen from Eatonia a few weeks back.

The Dodge truck pictured above was the subject of a police investigation back on August 16. Members received the report of a stolen truck and trailer from a yard in Eatonia, and though the trailer turned up a short time later, it wasn't until late last week the stolen truck turned up in a field near Provost.

A main identifier was the "" decal on each side, and sure enough they were stripped off upon locating the vehicle. The cover photo also clearly shows that suspects removed the truck's wheels and rims. Those weren't the only things gone missing with the cab of the truck being ripped through as well.

The truck's owner is happy to have what's left of the vehicle back, but obviously isn't thrilled with the situation overall. This situation in Eatonia serves as a good reminder to make sure things are locked up with thieves potentially about.

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