Via Sun West School Division

At the Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association (SHSAA) Annual General Meeting at the end of June, two Sun West coaches and one official were recognized for their leadership and contributions to high school sports.

Paulette Killoh of Davidson School received the 2021-22 SHSAA Award for Female Coach of the year.

Ms. Killoh has coached many sports at Davidson school. Most recently she coached the Davidson Track and Field Team that brought home four medals at provincials.

Becky Dubasov of Beechy School received the 2021-22 SHSAA Service Award.

Ms. Dubasov was recognized for her service on the West Central High School Athletic Association (WCHSAA) that has included serving as Treasurer on the WCHSAA for the past four years. She puts a tremendous amount of work into the district finances and has completed Membership Assistance Program (MAP) grant applications to support sport throughout West Central. She has become an important WCHSAA voice, both locally and provincially.

Ms. Dubasov has also coached many different sports at Beechy school. She coaches the Beechy/Lucky Lake Senior Boys Volleyball team that was recognized with a SHSAA Sportsmanship Banner for the past volleyball season.

Although he was not present at the AGM to receive the award, Michael Eliason of Outlook received the SHSAA award for Outstanding Official. Mr. Eliason is a community volunteers who has dedicated hundreds of hours serving as an official at WCHSAA games.

Acting Sun West Director of Education Vicki Moore stated: “Congratulations to Ms. Killoh, Ms. Dubasov and Mr. Eliason and thanks to all our dedicated coaches and officials who make athletics such an important part of Sun West.”

Sun West and the WCHSAA were both well-represented at the SHSAA Annual General Meeting. 2021-22 was a wonderful year for Sun West athletics and everyone is looking forward to another great year in 2022-23.